Outreach at Home

Cooking at Home

Add a little convenience and luxury to your recipients' at-home meal preparation experience, and make a positive impression on the entire household.

Relax / Self Care

Help your recipient create a more soothing, comfortable environment at home with these small luxuries.

Treats & Sweets

Send a little something sweet to lift spirits and brighten someone's day.

Something Green

There's nothing like a fresh green plant to bring a little nature indoors, keep the air fresh, and lift spirits.

Games + Activities

Keep up the playful spirit and let the whole house join in the fun with games and activities.


Let the binge watching begin! Make movie night extra special with these gifts.

Gift Cards and Donations

Let your recipient choose a gift that's perfect for them, be it takeout or delivery from a favorite restaurant via UberEats, health and wellness products from CVS, or a gift to others (including topical COVID-19 projects) with a donation to the Gates Foundation. We have a variety of gift card brands to choose from, and many cards can be delivered both digitally and physically.


Maximize your impact and leave room for messaging with custom packaging.