Virtual Event Swag
Swag from Your Tradeshow

Deliver in-person magic for on-screen events, wherever your attendees live

Our Virtual Event Swag program enables you to get memorable custom swag for your virtual event. Whether it’s a single product on behalf of your brand or a bountiful kit representing your top sponsors, Brilliant fulfills and sends your swag to wherever your virtual attendees choose.

Help Make Your Event More Memorable

Whether you are hosting a virtual event for your own company, or you are hosting a sponsored event to gather industry professionals, we can help you ensure brands get the exposure they crave from events.

We provide exceptional sourcing and design, easy to use technology, and turnkey fulfillment to add lasting brand impressions for you and your partners.

  • Event Swag at your Doorstep
  • Online Event, In Person Swag

Delight your Attendees, Event Hosts and Sponsors

  • Deliver Joy To Your Attendees

    ​​You spent months creating content, making it useful and memorable. You have earned the attention of your clients and prospects. We can help you make the last touch of your virtual event live on.

    Our technology and fulfillment makes it easy for you to send great swag right to your attendee’s door.

  • Deliver Brand Value For Your Sponsors

    If you have sponsors for your event, we can work with them individually to create thoughtful swag that coordinates and doesn’t compete with the other sponsors. Together, we can help your sponsors get the brand value they seek from events.

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Technology & Fulfillment

Our services add value without adding work

  • Address
    Attendee Information Capture

    We capture sensitive information securely from your attendees so you can make sure the swag ends up where it’s supposed to.

  • Reporting

    Easily track which attendees have redeemed and what selections they chose

  • Customboxes
    Kit and Fulfill

    Our warehouse will expertly pack your virtual event swag and send it out to your attendees, so that you can focus on your event, and not the logistics of shipping physical products

Can we help your virtual event create lasting branded moments for you and your sponsors?

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Brilliant’s clients want to leverage swag strategically—to create lasting brand impressions for their target audience.

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